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About Us

Spinwhiz Comics is proud to present a new environment two years in the making — one where publishers can build their brands, where readers can discover and enjoy new content, and where creativity can thrive. It's free for everyone, so write, read, share, and enjoy with your fellow enthusiasts. For publishers, we offer a host of tools that will help increase awareness for your content and assist with building your brand. Build your pages, post your content, loop in social media, and generate revenue by adding content to our store. Each new issue receives real estate on our homepage for increased visibility — so the more you contribute, the more visibility you'll receive.

Readers will enjoy free access to featured Graphic Novels and Webcomics — with new content added daily. The Breakthrough! section is your area to discover and enjoy the works of the next big names in the publishing game. You'll continue to read and enjoy — for free — but also have the opportunity to offer some constructive feedback. Help someone's dream come true, as the more traffic a publisher's works generate, the easier it is for us to find them and lend a helping hand.

Creative types (e.g., writers, illustrators, graphic designers, colorists, and cosplayers) also have a place to call their own and can generate their own following. Every member of the community receives their own blog area, rotating banner, and a catalog of other benefits. Creatives are able to load their own portfolio of works, and will even be eligible to book gigs in the near future.

The goal of Spinwhiz Comics is to create a community where all can enjoy and flourish. So publish, read, and above all, support one another. Spinwhiz Comics is a non—competitive environment — we want everyone to benefit without worry of slander, so that the focus remains on enjoyment of content and advancement of the community as a whole. Speaking of advancement, tell you friends about us! As our community grows, we can better help publishers generate revenue, which allows for even better content, site upgrades, and event planning.

In conclusion, know that this site is for you — to share, to enjoy, and to grow our passions for good storytelling. So don't be shy, as you get to know us, tell us your thoughts on how we can improve the experience for you.

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