Spinwhiz Comics is the first discovery and distribution platform for independent comic creators and readers.

Don’t know us? Well keep reading! You’ll be doing a lot of it here. Already been here? Thanks for coming back!

Just over 1 year ago, Spinwhiz Comics broke through as the very first discovery and distribution platform for independent comic creators and passionate readers. Why the FIRST? Because we focus on content being discovered and promoted more than anything else and nobody else really does that.

Our three simple goals laid the foundation for publishers to host their content for ingestion and digestion by the comic-loving masses. And we're proud to say more and more great indie and small press publishers are jumping aboard to be part of it!

So why would indie publishers have the potential to succeed here where they may struggle elsewhere? Well, here’s why…

  • Publishers get to market themselves (for free) via branded publisher and title pages, while also being found through our recommendation engine, not to mention some front page exposure.
  • We advise, assist, promote and nurture our publishers to grand renown (or something close to it)…because, get this, we care and have the professional experience to make it happen!
  • We offer 5 different paths of revenue, which means 5 potential ways to start bringing home the bacon.

Also, it kind of makes sense. Because if our partners don’t succeed, neither do we.

So, back to all of you readers out there. For you, we just want to make things easy. You’re explorers. You’re treasure hunters! Everyone has different tastes, so not everything you find is going to be worth your time but the journey always is.

And yeah, you get free stuff too. Like free content made available Every. Single. Day.

Think of it as free previews. Only your ‘previews’ are more like 100% complete, full issues. So go exploring you lucky so-and-so, and don’t worry about spending a nickel…at first.

Like what you find? Then you’ll get the chance to support those hard-working publishers we love so much. Buy their PDFs and Prints! Subscribe to our site and read almost the entire library of content in HD and without ads! By the way, with every sale, ad or subscription, the content creators make most of that - not us - so you are supporting their dreams and getting something from it.

Lastly, this is a community, and we like to think it’s a pretty great one. Spinwhiz was built for like-minded people to hone their craft, share their opinions, and enjoy content. Want to just do some reading and bounce? You can do that. But we encourage you to interact with your fellow humans! Share your favorites, discuss that crazy plot twist, and outside of our borders, tell your friends! Don't want to do it on the site? We have a Discord channel waiting just for you.

But as it is the most golden of all golden rules, we have just one rule: Don’t be a jerk.

See you out there, explorers!

Jeff Palumbo

Founder and CEO - Spinwhiz Comics 

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