Spinwhiz Comics Emissary PROGRAM To Lift Up The Industry 

Spinwhiz Comics announces plan to aid comic creators 

Good Morning Everyone!

You can read the press release below that is going out today BUT here is the gist - we want to help creators make some cash during these crazy times and we want readers to not have to pay a lot for content. So, we combined them both into limited time subscription program that we feel will help both. 

Starting today, all month subs will be 75% off, bringing them down to $1 - 70% of those profits going right back to the comic creators. Here is what you get for your $1:

  • Over 400 titles from 60 Publishers with No Ads
  • HD reader overlay
  • 25% off any PDF purchase
  • 2x Loyalty Points per page read (instead of 1)
  • 2x entries into any giveaway we hold in the next month
  • 30 Loyalty points per PDF purchase of in $0.99 increments

BUT wait, it gets better...

If we can get 25,000 people to donate $1, we will move everyone from a 1 one-month subscription to a YEAR subscription....for FREE!  

That's correct! Instead of paying $39.99 for a year subscription, you'll get it for $1 - that's 98% off! And here is what you get with your year sub:

  • Everything from above
  • 50% off any PDF purchase (instead of 25%)
  • 3x Loyalty Points per page read (instead of 2)
  • 5x entries into all giveaways
  • 40 Loyalty points per PDF purchase (instead of 30)

"There can't be more" - oh, but there is!

Every 25,000 subs we'll also launch a giveaway for something awesome that you can use from home. Maybe it will be an iPad or a tablet. Perhaps it will be a TV or a video game console. Or maybe we'll just hook you up with some crazy amount on an Amazon Gift Card and let you go nuts.  Who knows! So if we end up grabbing 75,000 users, 3 prizes will be unlocked and let the winning begin, just for reading comics for $1.

What can I do to help?

Funny you should ask! The goal of this is to help indie creators grab some supplemental income until this virus deletes itself and the comic industry goes back to normal so these artist can start making a steady income again. So, what can you do? Share the heck out of this announcement and become a Spinwhiz Comics Emissary with us (the image at the top of the page). That's all. Just tell everyone you know and let's see how much we can raise for these fine artists that bring us reading material every day. You can grab the badge on the page right after you subscribe.

Any questions, drop them below! Otherwise, you can get to our subscription page here to drop you $1 in the bucket and enjoy your benefits!

Let's make a difference in some people's lives and we'll keep cranking out the prizes.

Stay safe and healthy!

The Spinwhiz Comics Team

(Raleigh, NC, April 3 ) Indie comic discovery platform Spinwhiz Comics has initiated a new subscription model to benefit both content creators and comic fans alike. Starting April 2 through May 31st, the monthly subscription of $3.99 will be $1. With that subscription you get access to a growing comics library from 60 publishers with over 400 titles. 70 % of the profits will go to the indie creators on www.spinwhizcomics.com. Readers will enjoy no ads, HD reader overlay, 25% off all pdf purchases,  and 2X loyalty points per page read - entering readers into monthly, quarterly and yearly giveaways. Creators will enjoy distribution at no cost to them, no exclusivity issues, no need to load content (the Spinwhiz team handles it completely) , content promoted on Spinwhiz social media feeds as well as the support from an experienced sales and marketing ecommerce professional. 

Become a Spinwhiz Comic Emissary and subscribe today!


CEO Jeff Palumbo has bigger goals in mind.  “ Consumers and creators alike are bored and hurting, so we want help out where we can. If we get 25,000 users to donate $1, we will transition everyone from a one-month subscription to a yearlong subscription for free (normally $39.99).  We are also looking to have App and Print on Demand options for creators and readers operational by the end of April.” “Our goal right now is two-fold” continues Palumbo “with some bigger publishers pulling back their print releases, we wanted to try to provide creators with some supplemental income. At the same time, readers at home can discover amazing content they may really enjoy and never heard of before at a price most people can afford, even in these troubled times. It’s a win/win for everyone.”

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