Hello Everyone!

We here at Spinwhiz Comics are excited to announce phase one of our loyalty program, where we reward you for reading comics with points. "What are these points you speak of Spinwhiz?" Fantastic question - allow us to break it down for you.

Starting right now, when you are logged in to your account, you will receive 1 point for every page you read. Every point enters you into monthly, quarterly and yearly prizes!  Now, if you happen to be a monthly subscriber, you get 2 points for every page you read. Oh, you are actually a yearly subscriber? Well, 3 points per page for you!  Regardless who you are, you can log in to your account daily for a 5 point splash to the pot, just as a thanks to showing up.

Oh, don't have an account? Well, click that REGISTER link in the top right hand corner of our page and sign up. Don't worry, it's free AND we'll drop you a cool 100 points just for making it happen. Already had an account? You'll find we've already deposited 100 points into your bucket.

"But Spinwhiz Team, I like buying PDFs and reading them offline - do I not get to enter?"  Far from it friend!

PDFs come with a load of points but since they all range in page totals, we've simplified it:

  • $0.01 - $0.99 - 30 points
  • $1.00 - $1.99 - 40 points
  • $2.00 - $2.99 - 50 points
  • and so on and so forth

If you are a monthly sub, add 10 points to each. Yearly sub? Add 20 points to each! 

"Okay okay, I get it and you have my attention. Now tell me more about these prizes."  We'd be happy to.

  • Monthly Prizes - 3 people will win prizes ranging from your choice of videogame, Amazon gift card or something really awesome from a partner. These prizes will be valued right around $50 USD.
  • Quarterly Prizes - 1 person will win a soon-to-be-determined prize valued between $150 USD and $250 USD BUT not to worry, 2 other people will still win the monthly prize!
  • Yearly Prizes - 1 person will win something awesome valued between $1000 USD and $2000 USD! Don't worry folks, 1 person will also win a quarterly prize and yet another person will win a monthly prize.

"So, I don't have to buy a thing and I can still win prizes?" 

  • YES! Most of our content is free to read but you DO need to have an account. If you aren't logged in, we cannot track what you have read, so no points will be given, no exceptions. Remember, getting an account is free and snags you 100 points out of the gate, plus, you can grab 5 more points PER DAY for just logging in.

"Is reading content the only way to get points?"

  • Currently, yes but not for long. We'll be giving out all sorts of bonus points for limited times and interacting with content in the very near future.

"Do my points go away if I win a prize?"

  • Nope, they stick with you, so keep reading and buying comics! 
  • Please note, you can only win one monthly prize per quarter and one quarterly prize per year. We want to spread the love!

"Can I disappear and still win prizes?"

  • No, you must log in at least once per month to be eligible of for the prizes.

"How long do I have to claim my prize?"

  • Winners will be alerted via email and have 24 hours to respond. Failure to do so within 24 hours will negate the win and we'll draw another.
  • When we are contacting winners, we will tell EVERYONE via social media, so follow our Twitter, Instagram and Facebook page for updates.

"Can I be any age and win these prizes?"

  • Well, you have to be at least 13 to even create an account on our site, so as long as you've done that, by law in the US you can win anything valued under $599.99. If you happen to win the yearly prize, a parent or guardian over the age of 18 will have to claim it so they can add it to their taxes (again, in the US).

"I don't live in the US, am I still eligible?"

  • All loyalty prizes listed above are available in the US, Canada (excluding Quebec), and most of Europe excluding Romania and Poland. These are not our rules, we are just following the laws of each country. 
  • We are still looking into laws in Australia, New Zealand, South America and Asia, so while you may not be able to enter for these prizes you WILL be able to trade in points for items in our upcoming store, so the points are still very much worth having!

"Can I sell or transfer my points?"

  • No and no. The points have no value beyond SpinwhizComics.com and they are tied to your account only.

"Will you be giving out points when you launch your Print on Demand and Retail services?"

  • You are darn tootin' we will!

"Can we use these points in your random/one-off giveaways?"

  • No. These points currently can only be used for the giveaways listed above and cannot be traded or used in any "special/one-off" event. BUT we have more ways to use/trade/spend the points on the near future, so no worries about ever having too many. If anything, we fully expect people will be scrambling to find ways to grab as many as they can.

"What about people who try to cheat the system?"

  • Anyone we catch trying to game the system for more points will have their account deleted. The reason we even have a loyalty program is not to give out prizes but to give readers another reason to discover great content they normally wouldn't. Gaming the system goes against that core reason our site even exists and we will not put up with it. We already have a handful of sneaky ways to catch cheaters but if we list them here, that's just not as fun. 

Please note, 70% of all profits go right back to the publishers and content creators, so the more you read and/or buy (whether you are a subscriber or not), the more it helps them to keep creating great content....which of course they publish for you! So READ BUY SUPPORT are not just words to us, it's what we live by.

The beginning of our first month starts on September 1st, so anyone starting today has some bonus days for getting points. The first set of winners will be on October 1st!

More questions? Post them below and we'll answer them!

Best of luck and thank you again for being part of the Spinwhiz Comics Community!

The Spinwhiz Comics Team

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