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You're here! So first and foremost, thanks for checking out Spinwhiz Comics.

We obviously have your curiosity. Now, let us earn your attention.

If you write, draw, create, imagine, or all of the above, you may consider yourself a content creator. And we want you!

At Spinwhiz Comics you can host and distribute your webcomics, comics and graphic novels to our growing community of passionate readers.

What's more, there's no risk! We're free to use! So upload your works and start growing your brand today. We're here to help! 

I bet you never thought you could make money as an indie comic publisher. Well, think again! Sure, we get a small piece of the pie for helping out, but YOU get most of it (we're talking a clean 70/30 split). Not too shabby.

So why do we get that 30%? Well, we'd rather focus on the 70% you're getting, but since you asked...

  • We'll provide you with your own branded title and publisher landing pages. They're even templatized and pretty darn easy to set up!

  • We host an FTP server so you can easily upload content and sync it to your pages. Or, if you have a massive backlog of content all ready to go, we’ll just upload it for you.

  • We offer five different ways for you to make your bread:  PDF sales, ads, and more recently, subscriptions! We are even trying to hook you up with a form of Print-on-Demand - which would bring us to four!

  • We offer consultations upon request! Let us help you brand yourself, create promotions, or anything else!

  • And lastly, we're constantly working to improve the functionality of, and you’re a huge part of that. Just send your ideas our way. The needs of our community members come first.

WE can change the comics industry forever - you and us together! So hop on board, it's going to be one hell of a ride.

Not quite sure yet? Have questions? Shoot them our way via

Thanks for your attention, and happy publishing!

Jeff Palumbo

Founder and CEO, Spinwhiz Comics

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