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Q: What is Spinwhiz Comics?
A: Spinwhiz Comics is a publishing platform which was specifically designed to allow content creators to share their content, build their brands and start to gain revenue through multiple avenues. It was also created to give readers a daily stream of new graphic novels and webcomics they may not have noticed otherwise with all of the competitive noise in the marketplace.

Q: Does Spinwhiz Comics own the content once it's posted?
A: No, we don't need it and don't want it. Every content creator keeps their intellectual property (IP) but Spinwhiz Comics is allowed to use the content in advertising or in marketing for the site.

Q: Is it free to publish on Spinwhiz Comics?
A: Yup, it won't cost you a penny out of your own pocket.

Q: Can anyone publish content?
A: Yes, as long as you are at least 13 years of age and your content follows the theater guidelines of G, PG, PG-13 or R and stated clearly. Anything rated R for mature will be put behind an approval gate which people must agree to in order to view. Pornography or copyrighted work will be immediately taken down and legal action can be taken.

Q: What type of content is popular?
A: Amazingly enough, the most popular content is PG due to that allowing for the widest range of viewers.

Q: Can I build my own page?
A: Mostly, yes. We do not allow people to change the HTML code of our platform but we've made it unbelievably easy for you to change pretty much every piece of your publisher or title page. No prior experience is necessary and takes only minutes to learn.

Q: Can I use my own publishing brand name or do I have to use Spinwhiz Comics?
A: By all means, use your own! The platform was designed to allow each content provider their own place on the web, so it should look and feel the way you want it. That includes your logos, both for titles and company name.

Q: Do I need to be a licensed company to publish content?
A: Nope. You can be as big as Image or as small as Joey down the street. In order to be paid, you do need a valid PayPal account and anyone under the age of 18 will have to have a co-signed contract with their guardians.

Q: Does Spinwhiz Comics require an exclusive contract to post content?
A: No. You can post or sell your content wherever you want, as well as on Spinwhiz Comics. The only thing you need to do is tell us within 90 days if you are pulling your content.

Q: How often do I need to publish content?
A: For Graphic Novels, the next free issue in sequence must be posted once every six (6) weeks and webcomics most post at least once every two (2) weeks. Most content providers know that graphic novels usually need to be released once every 3 — 4 weeks and most webcomics are released 1 — 2 times a week but we understand some people are new at this and we aren't about stopping brands, we are about building them.

Q: Do I start making money as soon as I post content?
A: No. While everyone is able to post content, only featured content providers are paid for the different revenue streams. This is because each piece of content actually costs us money to host, so once you have enough followers and page views where you content pays for itself on our servers, we are more than happy to move you to becoming a featured publisher.

Q: What types of revenue streams does Spinwhiz Comics offer?
A: We have multiple and building more. Currently there is revenue from ads, digital downloads and PDF downloads. We also offer readers a host of purchasing options which include purchasing a single copy, subscribing to any number of titles for a percentage off or buying bundles of comics to catch up in a hurry, not to mention sales.

Q: What are Breakthrough comics?
A: These are the comics that are not featured yet but are trying to breakthrough to becoming featured. This will be the best spot for new and upcoming publishers, content, artists and writers, so keep we request our community members to keep checking in and reading new content. The more times content is read, the easier it is for us to find it and make that content featured.

Q: Where can Featured content be found?
A: In the areas labeled "Graphic Novels" or "Webcomics". These can be seen by scrolling down on the main page or using the navigation header at the top of every page. The rest get published under Breakthrough.

Q: How much does Spinwhiz Comics take of the revenue made?
A: The featured content providers make 70% of the revenue, Spinwhiz Comics gets 30%.

Q: How can I begin publishing my own content?
A: Click the "Become a Publisher!" button at the top of the page and our content wizard can walk you through the rest.

Q: Do I need to create an account to read comics?
A: Nope, not at all.

Q: If I can read free comics, why would I create an account?
A: There a multiple reasons to create your own account! Mainly, so you can:

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